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[April 6, 2015 - Roanoke, VA] Since the Sandy Hook shootings the concern for gun control has escalated. Though mental illness seems to be the underlying similarity among all of these shooters, many Liberals have blamed these tragedies on guns, advocating gun control, specifically demanding mandatory background checks, and banning assault weapons, along with large capacity magazines.

The gun argument has reached a high level of conflict with antigun, Liberal politicians on one side, and gun rights / Second Amendment advocates on the other. While the media no longer runs daily stories about guns or the gun control issue, we still see related articles and programs on a regular basis.

Until now, no one has clearly examined the issues on both sides of this argument; the legal issues, the rights of Americans under the 2nd Amendment, the registration of weapons, and the ownership and use of assault rifles. Virginia attorney Lenden Eakin has spent the past 30 years as a firearms attorney and courtroom expert, assisting attorneys as they defend those who have been charged in shootings that were allegedly self-defense, or actions based on the Castle Law, Stand Your Ground, or other incidents where it was necessary to utilize the 2nd Amendment and state laws as a point of defense.  Over the past two years Eakin has been gathering legal citations, researching the current laws in various states, and examining statistics, as he prepared to document a thorough and concise disclosure of the gun control issue which lays ground for both sides of this argument. Eakin has compiled all of this information and more in his new book, Showdown: The Looming Crisis Over Gun Control (Mascot Books, ISBN: 978-1-63177-005-0, February 3, 2015).  A limited supply of review copies are available.

Here's what 'gun rights' leaders have to say about Eakin's book:

"Showdown is a very readable, detailed and a much needed overview of the gun control debate, making it easier for both sides to understand where the other is coming from. I highly recommend this book." -- Larry Pratt - Executive Director - Gun Owners of America

"A factual account of how our 2nd Amendment rights trump the anti-gun lobby's stance." -- Dudley Brown - Executive Director - National Association for Gun Rights

"This provocative book covers the waterfront of the great gun debate in American society." -- Stephen P. Halbrook, Ph.D., attorney and best-selling author of 'The Founder's Second Amendment

"In his book, Lenden Eakin dissects the gun control issue and clarifies its misconceptions, and clears the air on how the 2nd Amendment is as important and applicable today as it was 127 years ago." -- Alan Gottlieb, founder, The 2nd Amendment Foundation

In SHOWDOWN the following is addressed:

        What is the problem with Universal Background Checks? (read this recent article submitted to American Rifleman)

        What can be done to reduce gun violence without violating an individual's rights?

        What is a clear definition of the 2nd Amendment, and why was it created?

        What is the official status of militias today?

        Why are Americans in large numbers arming up and preparing to protect their own security.

        What is the argument about gun registration, and why is it such an issue

        What is the definition of an assault weapon, and are bans constitutional?

        Why are large capacity clips and magazines such a big deal?

        Why is 'Open Carry' a bad and dangerous idea?

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