Houston Doctor has his own 'Zero Dark Thirty' Tale


New Book Shares Doctor's request from bin Laden to meet him, and what he  learned

After five sit down meetings with the world's most wanted man, all of which took place in 2009


Houston, Texas – April 29, 2013 –  The hit movie “Zero Dark Thirty” chronicles the expensive, decade-long manhunt that ended in May of 2011 with the killing of Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Many people wondered why it took so long, given the seemingly unlimited money and manpower at the disposal of those who sought to bring the world’s most wanted man to justice.


Tears On The Sand is the story of one resourceful civilian – who emphatically did not have millions of dollars, high technology, or limitless manpower – yet who managed to meet bin Laden, at the Sheik's request,  more than two years before the successful completion of Operation Neptune Spear.


Dr. Joseph Agris is a world-renowned plastic surgeon and philanthropist, who regularly travels to Pakistan and Afghanistan on humanitarian missions to reconstruct the faces of children who suffer from disfiguring tumors and birth defects, and to repair the faces of women who have been horrifically scarred by acid attacks waged in the name of “honor,” and of late, to treat the wounds of innocents unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity of “surgical” drone attacks.


Dr. Agris spent weeks meeting with tribal leaders and elders in Pakistan before he began his work. In the dozen or so meetings, many times taking place in desert tents,  the Doctor explained his mission, and the work he would be performing for their loved ones at the Abbottabad hospital. Then the families began to bring their children and other family members forward. In a short period of time the Pakistani and Afghani people began to refer to him as Dr. Angel. His name, and word of his work spread throughout the two countries. As he gained their trust and confidence, and certainly their love, he would be regularly invited to homes and tribal meetings, where they would celebrate Dr. Agris' work after he repaired the faces of children and family members. It was at one such celebration in December of 2008 that the doctor learned the Sheik wanted to meet Dr. Angel. He did not immediately make the connection or know whom they were referring to, but quickly learned that they were speaking of Sheik bin Laden.  


He gave his consent, but it was with a great deal of fear and trepidation. Should he or shouldn't he?  Was the invitation real?


Several days later he was visited by a member of bin Laden's inner circle, and asked to accompany him to meet the sheik. They drove for many miles into the desert and stopped near the base of a mountain. He then saw this talk lean man approaching him, who advanced his hand and told Dr. Agris..."i am very pleased t meet you Dr. Angel. He went on to thank him for what he was doing for his people. They didn't talk about politics or terrorism at this first meeting, but rather how much bin Laden loved his people, and he shared some of the history or the two countries.


In later meetings in January, March, April and May (five in all) he became a frequent guest at the bin Laden compound and upon his second meeting he took digital photos of bin Laden's compound after his first meeting in December of 2008 Click Here.of the compound. Agris learned why the Sheik hated the west, and also learned many new truths about America's invasion of his country and the relationship between our country and Pakistan, which was much different than he had learned in the media . One thing that stood out in all his meetings were bin Laden's claim..."You will never destroy those who fight in the name of Allah. They are millions of us scattered around the world, and we have many people in the USA, just waiting for orders.“


After his last meeting with bin Laden and his return to the U.S. in mid May 2009, Dr. Agris knew he must report his discovery and information with the appropriate people in Washington, DC. Dr. Agris reached out to local Congressmen and women. They assisted him in scheduling a meeting with Secretary of State Clinton on June 6th of 2009, After waiting for nearly three hours, he was informed that the Secretary would not be able to meet with him, but if he would stand by at his hotel someone would call and set up a 2nd meeting. That call never came, so he called the scheduling desk himself and sat up another appointment for two weeks later. On the proposed date he traveled back to DC and reported his arrival at the State House reception desk. Again he waited again for nearly three hours, and boisterous complaints to the receptionist, a call was made to Clinton's office. A lady, who identified herself as Secretary Clinton's assistant came downstairs and advised Dr. Agris that the Secretary was backed up and [again] he would not be able to meet with the Secretary. Dr. Agris lost his temper, and loudly exclaimed for all who could hear him, that he had located Osama bin Laden and had photos of his home and the exact location.


Yes, Dr. Agris made a scene, and the lady called security and they escorted him out of the State house. On his return flight, he made the decision that if the government would not listen, maybe the public would. With his busy schedule, it took him nearly three years to complete his book, and then he faced rejection with publishers who were approached. He went on to self-publish and on April 9, 2013 his book, “Tears On The Sand,” was released.



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