Interview Questions / Talk Points


1. What do parents need to know about gun safety for children?

2. Why is it so hard to find middle ground for compromise in the gun debate?

3. Is the Second Amendment so obsolete and out of date that it should be changed or repealed?

4. Why do so many people object to “universal” background checks?

5. What is the argument about gun registration?

6. President Obama has said that America needs to become like England and Australia on guns. What does he mean?

7. Is it true that the Human Rights Council of the United Nations denies that people have a right to self defense?

8. Why not license gun owners and register guns, just like we license drivers and register cars?

9. Who is the militia in the 21st century? Isn’t it the National Guard?

10. Does banning ownership of an AR-15 violate the Constitution?

11. What can be done to curb gun violence?

12. What is a clear definition of the 2nd Amendment, and why was it created?

13. Who is the official militia today?

14. Why is wrong with gun registration?

15. What does “assault weapon” mean and why is there such confusion over the definition?

16. Why are large capacity clips and magazines such a big deal?