Clay Rawlings' Biography

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Clay Rawlings is co-author of the much anticipated book, “Pardon the Disruption: The Future You Never Saw Coming.”  A former Harris County Assistant District Attorney Rawlings has practiced law since 1980. For the past 13 years has served as a prominent personal injury litigator and trial attorney. Over the course of his career, Rawlings has handled several thousand criminal and civil cases, and tried more than 150 Jury Trials in his more than 33 year career as a litigator. In the Criminal arena Rawlings has prosecuted everything from misdemeanors to murders, armed robberies, and drug dealers. In his practice as a civil litigator Rawlings has handled million and multimillion dollar lawsuits involving catastrophic injuries.  (see verdict and settlement sheet).

In their new book, Rawlings is one of three futurists who have chronicled the troubling status of America today. He joins James Randall Smith, a Houston Attorney and Municipal Court Judge, and North Carolinian economist, Rob Bencini, as they put America and her leadership under a microscope.  They dissect and examine how technology will continue to affect our lives, our nation's economy and where it’s all headed.   While warning about rampant unemployment and lack of future job growth they also analyze space exploration and robotics as it relates to present laws and where it will fail us without reforms. Their evaluations are creating a ground swell, when they disclose and paint a sometimes gloomy picture of where America is headed.

In a recent radio interview, Rawlings had this to say; "I have watched our country descend into a false dichotomy. Liberal vs. conservative, republican vs. democrat, positive vs. negative, etc.  We are drowning in nonsense.  The Universe before us has infinite possibilities, not just left or right.  We are distracted by wedge issues such as gay marriage and abortion while real problems are approaching rapidly that will require thoughtful and nuanced ideas, not more bumper sticker slogans based on fear.  I wrote this book to start a conversation."

He added; “Technology is advancing exponentially, but our laws, culture and social contracts are linear and moving more slowly. That contradiction sets up countless conflicts: from ongoing controversies, such as stem cell science, DNA exoneration of innocent citizens, brain scanning lie detectors, to coming disputes over world economies, job creation, governance, and space exploration.”

According to Rawlings, the complete loss of privacy that occurred in the past decade, and most importantly, the last five years have turned America into a country that most of us don't recognize.

Rawlings graduated from University of Texas with Bachelor of Arts in 1977, and obtained his law degree from the University of Houston College of Law in 1981, where he also received a Juris Doctorate. He attended the Strategic Foresight seminar at the University of Houston in May 2010 under Dr. Peter Bishop.

Rawlings and his wife have raised five children and now reside in the Clear Lake area of Texas.